Founded in 1889, ABRSM is the world's most prestigious music examination and music textbook producer. Every year, approximately 600,000 students of all ages from more than 90 countries take this exam from every corner of the world. It is also an organization that organizes various charitable works related to music education in many countries of the world.


Vision: To support the education of students who are interested in music and to ensure that their path to quality music education is full of success.

ABRSM's main activity is to conduct international examination activities that assess students at each level and award certificates and diplomas. ABRSM's assessment is internationally valid and the objective of this examination is for all levels and all
The goal is to ignite students' desire to learn, to make them have realistic goals, and to be proud of their achievements by giving specific evaluations.

Why do music students take this exam?

  • Create a goal to repeat your music
  • Improve your comprehensive musical skills
  • Gain experience to improve your musical performance skills in front of an audience
  • Get thorough, thorough, test evaluations and reviews
  • Get a certificate confirming your success
  • The programs are regularly updated
  • The piano program is updated once every 2 years. Applications for 2021 & 2022 were published in June 2020
  • In addition to the classical examination of all types of musical instruments (piano, violin, cello, guitar, etc., 35 musical instruments), additional types of singing, theater, jazz, choir, ensemble, music, etc.
  • Students of any music background can take the music theory exam.


Piano Prep Test student exam

More calm, fearless, free, leave as positive an impression as possible on the test, and follow a policy of awarding encouraging results and certificates. No points are given.

Payment information

Initial Grade – 51GBP – 225’000

Grade 1 – 56GBP – 245’000

Grade 2 – 65GBP – 285’000

Grade 3 – 70GBP – 305’000

Grade 4 – 78GBP – 340’000

Grade 5 – 80GBP – 350’000

Grade 6 – 95GBP – 225’000

Grade 7 – 116GBP – 415’000

Grade 8 – 131GBP – 570'000